When you’re looking for a fence that improves your home’s appearance while also increasing its security, aluminum fencing may be just what you’re looking for. SWi Florida is a top St. Augustine fence company that offers aluminum fencing in a variety of styles and designs. We know that aluminum fencing is an exceptional choice, and we think you will agree after you see its benefits! 

What Makes Aluminum a Unique Product? 

Designed and specially manufactured to be able to withstand harsh weather, our aluminum fencing remains one of the most resilient, durable, and long-lasting fencing materials on the market. It doesn’t rot, rust, or fade and never needs to be repainted. The five special qualities of aluminum fencing that we will share below are just a few of the reasons why we believe it is a beautiful addition to most properties. 

#1: Aluminum Fences Add Elegance and Curb Appeal 

According to a recent study that The University of Texas at Arlington conducted, curb appeal in residential homes can be responsible for up to 7% of a home’s value upon selling. Aluminum fencing is one of the easiest ways to add style and appeal to your home, and it is available in several styles and designs that range from traditional to modern. Elegant, sleek, and attractive aluminum fencing from a trusted St. Augustine fence company is sure to complement your home and provide beauty that other fence styles just can’t provide. 

#2: Provide Safety and Security With a Florida Aluminum Fence

Providing a safe, secure yard for loved ones or pets is a top priority for most homeowners who are looking at fencing options. Aluminum fences are especially strong and effective, making them an excellent option for many fencing projects. Our styles are perfect for pool areas that need to be secured. We also have a special mesh that can be added to your Florida aluminum fence to keep your small pets safe. 


Aluminum fencing also prevents trespassers from gaining access to your yard because it is difficult to climb. It can also be customized with pointed finials that provide an additional layer of security. The average intruder is simply looking for an easy target so installing an aluminum fence is a great way to keep them at bay. 

#3: Aluminum Fences Require Minimal Care

In addition to being attractive and durable, aluminum fencing is also extremely low maintenance. Want a fence that adds beauty to your yard but doesn’t require a lot of time to keep up? Aluminum is perfect. Simply spray it with a hose or brush off any accumulated debris, and it will look as good as new! This means you have time to do the things that are important to you. 

#4: Aluminum Fencing Is High-Quality and Affordable

A lot of our potential customers believe that Florida aluminum fencing is expensive due to its combination of attractiveness and functionality. Mimicking the look of wrought iron and steel, yet more lightweight and easier to produce, aluminum costs much less than other decorative metal options. Surprisingly, most homeowners find that aluminum is a comparable material to many other types of fences and can fit within their existing budget. 

#5: Accentuate Your Landscaping With Florida Aluminum Fence

Cultivating your lawn and landscaping requires a lot of time and effort, and once you’ve created an inviting, flourishing oasis, the last thing that you want to do is hide it behind a solid privacy fence. Aluminum fencing provides the same level of protection that a vinyl or wood fence provides while still showcasing your attractive property. Aluminum fencing is also attractive and complements a well-curated home and yard, making it the perfect addition to your property. As a leading St. Augustine fence company, we can help you choose the fence that increases the beauty of your property without detracting from your landscaping. 

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