Wood fencing is your top option when you want a fence that is all-natural, attractive, and beautiful. Wood fences also need to be regularly maintained and cared for to keep them looking as nice as the day they were installed. SWi Florida, a leading St. Augustine fence company, installed your wood fence, but now you need to spend some time on upkeep. In this article, we share five ways you can take care of your wood fence to ensure that it lasts for years to come. 

# 1 – Examine Your Fence

Regularly walk your fence line and check both sides for any signs of damage or wear and tear. St. Augustine wood fence is a natural material and harsh weather can be hard on it, so be sure to check your fence after severe weather. Look for damaged boards, posts, or hardware. If your fence is painted, spend some time looking for chipping, peeling, or damaged paint. 


While checking for cosmetic damage, be sure to check the fence boards and posts to see if they are still firm and sturdy. Give them a gentle shake and note if they are still performing as they should be. Checking your gates at this time is also a good idea. Pay special attention that the latches are tight, are closing properly, and the hardware is secure. 


Taking the time to regularly check your fence will ensure that any small issues will not grow into bigger issues. 

# 2 – Note Needed Repairs

Take note of any problems you discover while inspecting your fence. Look especially for broken or split boards, signs of rot, or warped areas. If you can’t quickly fix them while you’re walking the line, be sure to fix them as soon as possible so that your fence does not get any more damaged. 


Individual boards and posts that need to be repaired can usually be fixed with minimal effort and cost, making them a good do-it-yourself project. However, if you are unsure how to repair your fence, you have extensive repairs, or you have any questions, give the experts at SWi Florida a call. We are ready to offer assistance for any St. Augustine wood fence projects you have. 

# 3 – Clean Your Wood Fence

Although wood fences are attractive and natural, they do tend to be more vulnerable to mold, mildew, dirt, and stains than other types of fences. Mold and mildew can continue to spread if they are not quickly contained, so paying attention to these issues is a priority if you want your wood fence to last. 


For light buildup, clean your St. Augustine wood fence by simply spraying with a garden hose. If there is heavier dirt, mud, or moss, use a gentle cleanser and scrub with a brush to remove the debris. You can also use a pressure washer, but do not use any setting higher than 1500-2000 PSI on wood fences to minimize damage. Use an angular tip when pressure washing.  

# 4 – Refresh Your Landscaping 

Check your landscaping and make sure that there is enough space between bushes, shrubs, or plants along your fence line. This increases the airflow, reduces the chance of mold and mildew growth, and enhances the overall appearance of your yard. Additionally, look at the trees along your fence and trim any overhanging or damaged limbs. Doing this regularly will minimize the potential of them falling on your fence during a severe weather event.

# 5 – Protect Your Fence with Stain or Paint

Generally speaking, your fence will need to be restrained or repainted every two to three years. This preserves your fence, ensuring it will remain strong. Regularly assess the condition of your stain or paint to ensure that your fence lasts for years.  If you are interested in doing this project yourself, SWi Florida, a leading St. Augustine fence company, can recommend the best products and procedures. 

Your Favorite St. Augustine Fence Company is Here to Help!

Once you have completed the steps on this list, you may see that your fence needs more attention than anticipated. Whether you need help repairing or deciding if it’s time for a new fence, the knowledgeable fence installers at SWi Florida are here to assist you. If you’re planning to replace your fence, you can use our Instant Fence Quote tool on our website. 

SWi Florida is a leading St. Augustine fence company and we are committed to excellent customer service. If you have any questions regarding your St. Augustine wood fence, give us a call at (904) 502-4361 or contact us online today!