If you’re considering installing a privacy fence on your St. Augustine residential property, then you’ve probably looked into vinyl and wood fences. Both of these options make great fences for homes and businesses in St. Augustine and have a unique set of benefits. Our experts at SWi Fence, one of the top-rated fence companies in Florida, are here to help you uncover the benefits of each fence type. Today, we’ll walk you through the key features of these great fencing options! 

Overview of Vinyl and Wood Fences in St. Augustine

Vinyl fences are a popular fencing choice for residential and local business owners in St. Augustine. Vinyl fences are made of PVC, a durable plastic polymer that is formed into various fence styles, sizes, and colors. As one of the top-rated fence companies in Florida, we offer low-maintenance vinyl fences that are resistant to the wind and thunderstorms common in St. Augustine. 


Wood fences are a classic fencing style well-suited for Florida properties. We build durable, strong, and custom wood fences in various styles to suit your property. Our customers in St. Augustine love wood fences because they can be customized with multiple top cuts and are relatively affordable. 

Comparing Vinyl Fences and Wood Fence

Vinyl and wood fences are both great choices for properties in St. Augustine. Each of these fences has its own pros and cons, making them suitable for different properties. Before deciding between a vinyl and a wood fence for your home, here are some things you should consider.


Wood fences are an incredibly affordable fence option for homes and businesses in St. Augustine. While wood fences are more cost-effective upfront, they can cause customers to pay more in maintenance costs over the lifetime of the fence. 


Vinyl fences typically cost consumers more upfront. However, their low-maintenance requirements can offset some initial costs, meaning you may spend less throughout the fence’s lifetime. In general, longer vinyl fences will have more significant maintenance cost savings. 


Vinyl fences are low maintenance and simple to maintain. Any debris or buildup can be removed from the fence with a hose and a gentle cleanser. Vinyl fences are incredibly resistant to damage, reducing the amount of maintenance required. 


Wood fences require occasional maintenance to extend the lifespan of your fence. Routine painting and staining will prevent rotting and corrosion. Regularly inspecting your wood fence for areas of damage and warping can reduce maintenance requirements over time. 


Wood fences are susceptible to growing mold, rotting, or warping when they remain wet for a long period of time. If your wood fence is placed behind a bush, under a tree, or in an area that frequently has standing water, it’s important to regularly check for areas of breakdown. 


Because vinyl fences are made of PVC, they are incredibly resistant to rotting and corrosion. Vinyl fences are resistant to wind and rain, but areas of the fence in the shade may grow mold or mildew if left untreated. 


Our St. Augustine fence company offers a range of vinyl fence styles to match your privacy or security needs, including privacy and decorative fence styles. We also offer a range of solid colors and woodgrain vinyl fence styles. 


Wood fences are an excellent choice for St. Augustine property owners looking to create a unique, custom fence. We offer a range of top cuts and wood fence styles, from shadowbox wood fences to horizontal fences and picket fence styles. 

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Vinyl and Wood Fences

Vinyl Fences

Wood Fences


  • Aesthetics: Available in various unique colors, styles, and woodgrain finishes. 
  • Ease of Maintenance: Minimal maintenance is required to keep vinyl fences free of debris, including a gentle rinse with a hose. 

  • Natural Appearance: The natural wood materials create a beautiful finished fence.
  • Highly Customizable: Wood fences are one of the most customizable fence options.

  • Upfront Cost: The upfront cost of vinyl fences is higher than other materials. 

  • Increased Maintenance: Wood fences need regular painting or staining and can require repairs. 

SWi Fence is One of the Top-Rated Fence Companies in Florida

The team at our St. Augustine fence company is proud to provide high-quality vinyl and wood fences to customers in Florida. To see some of our completed work, check out our photo gallery, where we have pictures of our completed projects. After seeing our photos, check out our Instant Quote Tool, which will give you an immediate quote on your St. Augustine fence project! 

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