Tired of seeing your neighbor’s beautiful St. Augustine fence and hoping to create a unique, beautiful fence for your own home? Then you’re in the right place; the experts at SWi Fence are here to guide you in creating a mixed and matched fence for your home in St. Augustine. Read through this article to see how one of the top-rated fence companies in Florida is successfully combining fence types to create custom, attractive fences. 

How our St. Augustine Fence Company Combines Fence Types

There are numerous advantages to choosing a combination of fence types instead of a single-material fence. By combining different types of fences, you not only achieve a distinct appearance for your space but also enjoy the unique benefits that come with using multiple materials.

To ensure that you make the most of your new fence in St. Augustine, Florida, we have gathered a list of frequently asked questions and answers from our experienced professionals regarding the mixing and matching of fence types.

Do you Mix and Match Fence Types at Your St. Augustine, Florida Fence Company?

The experts at our St. Augustine fence company love combining fence types for our fence customers. Many of our customers love mixing and matching fence types to match the aesthetic and functional needs of various parts of their property. 


As one of the top-rated fence companies in Florida, we offer several fence types that can be seamlessly combined. If you desire an attractive or decorative fence for your front yard, consider opting for our aluminum fence. On the other hand, if you require enhanced privacy along the back of your property, our wood fences are an excellent choice. Our team of fence professionals will expertly assist you in combining these two fence types to create the perfect perimeter fence for your home or business.


Can I Mix and Match the Style of my Gate with my Fence?

One of our favorite ways to mix and match fencing materials is using gates. Our team of fencing contractors based in St. Augustine, Florida possesses the necessary expertise and materials to assist you in incorporating a gate made of a different material than your fence. 

Gates often differ in material from the rest of the fence, providing an opportunity to seamlessly tie together various fence materials throughout your property. For instance, we particularly admire the combination of aluminum driveway gates with wood fences. An aluminum gate can help create a smooth transition from a vinyl perimeter fence to an aluminum fence around a different part of your property or pool area.

While we love adding mixed and matched gates, we do recommend that you avoid changing fence types near the gate. Gates serve as focal points in your yard, and altering fence types near the gate can be visually distracting. This can cause the final fence to look choppy and ill-planned. 

We are one of the top-rated fence companies in Florida because we offer custom design advice to each of our customers to create attractive St. Augustine fences. Additionally, we offer an instant quote tool to simplify the design process. This tool allows you to design your preferred fence and gate layout, incorporating your desired materials and obtaining estimated pricing information.

Do You Have Any Advice for Combining Fence Materials and Heights in St. Augustine?

Managing transitions between fence materials and heights is a crucial aspect of effectively mixing and matching fences in St. Augustine. The team at our St. Augustine fence company frequently assists customers who are looking for shorter fences in the front of their property and taller fences in the backyard.

From a visual standpoint, abrupt changes in height or material can be unattractive. Fortunately, we have several strategies to create smoother transitions. One approach involves strategically placing trees, shrubs, or bushes to block the view of the transition area. As these natural elements continue to grow over time, they will further conceal the transitions and integrate your fence seamlessly with the surrounding landscape.

Another piece of advice we offer to our customers is to position transition points in corners rather than the middle of long fence sections. This ensures that extended stretches of your fence are created out of the same material. Transitioning materials and heights in the corners is less visually disruptive and can be more effectively concealed by outdoor features or landscaping.

Do You Have Any Other Advice for Combining Fences in St. Augustine?


While we certainly appreciate the unique features of mix-and-match fences, we know that the number of options can feel overwhelming. As a result, we advise sticking to a combination of two fence types for your St. Augustine residential property.


Our team also recommends strategically placing the different fence types in locations that best align with their purpose. For instance, you might choose a wood fence for a visually pleasing perimeter fence combined with several sections of chain link fencing around an area designated for a shed or garbage can. This thoughtful placement ensures both functionality and visual appeal within your overall fence design.

Discover All of the Fence Styles Available at our St. Augustine Fence Company

At SWi Fence, one of Florida’s top-rated fence companies, our team of fence professionals has plenty of experience in mixing various fence types and your project will be in capable hands throughout the entire process. To get started on your fence project, feel free to reach out to us by phone at (904) 274-4116 or contact us through our website, and we will be more than happy to assist you. Let the team at SWi Fence bring your mix-and-match fence vision to life!