Are you in the market for a fence in St. Augustine, Florida? We’ve got you covered at SWi Fence! As one of St. Augustine, Florida’s top-rated fence companies, our earned reputation will speak for itself. Just ask your friends and neighbors in the St. Augustine area and check out our reviews to see why we are a tried-and-true fence installer you can trust. 


How can we help? SWi Fence offers fencing solutions across all types and styles and can match features to meet your property needs. Let’s take a look at our options and offerings for your next fencing project in St. Augustine.


Florida Fence Company Located Right in St. Augustine    

Supporting local St. Augustine businesses is an important factor in the choice of fence company for many residents who are proud of their community and want to invest right at home. SWi Fence is located right here, and we also go out of our way to support our local businesses whenever possible. That’s why we know the benefits of working with companies who understand the area and specific details that make St. Augustine what it is. Your Florida property and fencing needs are important to us at SWi Fence! We serve St. Augustine homeowners with our high-quality fencing products and expert fence installation.

The Top-Rated St. Augustine Fence Company Difference 

Businesses across St. Augustine, Florida earn their reputations with satisfied customers and quality work. For fence companies, it’s no different. We know you would want to work with the best in the business…after all, you deserve it! Working with a top-rated St. Augustine, Florida fence company, you’ll receive a high quality fence installed by local experts right in your area. Besides reading customer reviews and knowing from experience, how else can you know you’re making the right choice for your fence company? Let’s explore some of the reasons.


  • The Key is Reliability in a Fencing Contractor
    Too many times, honest customers in the St. Augustine area hire a fence contractor, make their order, and pay the deposit only to be left with a horrible installation job and sometimes no product at all if the fence contractor is a no-show. Normally, this can happen when someone makes their choice based on a quote from a low-bid company with no certifications or insurance on their work. When you need a fence in Florida, be sure to get all the right questions answered and check out reviews before signing on the dotted line.
  • Choosing a Fence Company That Uses High-Quality Fencing Materials
    Taking pride in their product is one of the ways you can tell if your St. Augustine fence company does top-notch work. At SWi Fence, we use ONLY high-quality fencing materials in all our St. Augustine, Florida fencing jobs. The difference in quality between fencing materials can affect everything from the appearance of your finished fence to the length of life your fence will have. Avoid the warping and fading of a poorly installed fence by choosing a Florida company that pays attention to the quality of their fence materials.
  • Getting Proper Product Support
    When you work with a quality company in St. Augustine like SWi Fence, you won’t likely need to contact them anytime soon after install because your fence will be done right! But, it’s still helpful for peace of mind and just in case of any questions or problems to have the ability to be supported by your fence contractor in the future. SWi and our professional staff are here for you! For additional support or repairs after your job is complete, reach out to us and we will be glad to help.


St. Augustine, Florida and Types of Fence Installation

Types of fences come in a wide variety all across Florida, and it’s no different in the St. Augustine area. Looking for a fence for your property and home? We install all types! With experience in installing a wide variety of fence materials and styles across St. Augustine, SWi Fence can help you design and build the perfect fence for you.


  • Wood Fences in St. Augustine, GA
    Across the St. Augustine, Florida area, property owners are choosing wood fencing above the rest. Its versatility and traditional beauty create a timeless option adding a strong, attractive piece to homes across the region. To learn more about what you can choose for your home fence installation, check out the Wood Fence page on our website for the details and why wood fencing may be the right choice for you.
  • Aluminum Fences in St. Augustine, GA
    St. Augustine, Florida homeowners love the look of aluminum fencing to enhance their property and give them the security they’re looking for. Whether to keep pets and children protected in the yard or create a safe boundary around a pool area, aluminum fencing is a popular choice. For more details and benefits, explore our Aluminum Fence page on our website to find out what works for St. Augustine and surrounding area property owners.
  • Chain Link Fences in St. Augustine, GA
    In this day and age, chain link fencing can not only come in traditional galvanized steel, but also can be installed in color-coated PVC to protect the steel from rusting and to add a softer look to your St. Augustine property. Colored privacy slats are an additional option to give residents the ability to create privacy from a chain link fence. Visit the Chain Link page on our website to explore why chain link fencing is frequently installed at many properties in St. Augustine.
  • Vinyl Fences in St. Augustine, GA
    Vinyl fence creates a low-maintenance, long-lasting choice that comes in such a variety of styles and features, homeowners in St. Augustine can’t go wrong with this option. No matter what size property in Florida, vinyl can work for full privacy needs or be installed in a more open design and handles the harsh weather St. Augustine sometimes can produce. Read on at our Vinyl Fencing web page and discover what works for you.

Get Started with the Fence Pros in St. Augustine!

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