You need a fence, but knowing which kind is the best fit for you comes with some exploration. With all the options available, take some time to ask yourself, “Which fence type is best for my St. Augustine property?” We’re here to help you dig through the facts and get to the perfect answer for you! 


The Search for the “Best Fence” for St. Augustine, Florida and You

Though there is a right answer for each person about which fence type is best, getting down to the details first requires defining what the “best” fence would be to you. What is most important for one St. Augustine homeowner may not be what is “best” for another. Most commonly, when people say they are looking for the “best” fence, they are talking about either the most attractive, strong, long-lasting, safest or most privacy-giving fences. Each person prioritizes different aspects that can help determine if a particular fence is the one you need. Naturally, all of these are valid concerns for any Florida property. 


On top of all the other fence features, the investment it will cost in price is another consideration when you make a decision about your Florida property’s fence. Different fence materials have different price points, so knowing the range and what your goals are will help you choose what makes the most sense for your specific situation.


Take the time to consider your goals for your property in the St. Augustine area and think through the main reason you’re shopping for a fence. With such a wide range of reasons each person can have for their particular situation, the only person who can answer which fence is “best” for you, is YOU! Once you know, it’s wise to consult our fence professionals to get any additional tips and advice as you plan your fence project. 

Details of Fence Types Best for St. Augustine, GA

Start with compiling a list of pros and cons of each type of fencing for St. Augustine, Florida and then review the list. The key to making the right choice for your specific situation is understanding the details that separate each fence type. Here’s a look at a few…


St. Augustine, FL Wood Fences

St. Augustine property owners agree, for the most natural look, go with wood fencing. It is the perfect way to add character and security to your property while also being an economical and environmentally friendly option. Wood fence can be customized in a wide variety of cuts, sizes and styles to match your preferences and needs. The sky’s the limit when it comes to coloring your wood fence. Stains and paints can be used to match the look of your home, creating the perfect accent. Remember that with all of these fun features that make wood fencing a popular option for many Florida homeowners, wood does require more maintenance than most other fence types to keep it fresh and last longer. Visit our webpage all about wood fences to discover the options and details.

Aluminum Fence in St. Augustine, FL

A popular option specifically for pool areas in the St. Augustine area, aluminum fencing is a stylish type of fence with low maintenance features. This material is practical and strong with a similar look of iron fencing but without the cost and maintenance. Though not as customizable as wood, aluminum fencing comes in multiple attractive styles and colors that are sure to be a great way to enhance your Florida property. Look for more information at our Aluminum Fences page. 

Chain Link Fence in St. Augustine, FL

When we think of chain link fencing, we can use descriptive words like “practical”, “strong” and “low-maintenance”, just to name a few. For fence options on a lower price point, chain link stands up to the others in strength and functionality and can work in just about any St. Augustine, Florida property needing more security. Check out the options available in steel, added colored PVC coatings and privacy slats for enhancements. Our webpage about chain link fences is a helpful way to learn much more. 

Vinyl Fence in St. Augustine, FL

We can give you a number of reasons why enhancing the style of your St. Augustine, Florida home isn’t hard when you choose vinyl fencing. Vinyl can offer some of the most versatile styles and create the look you want without causing you to worry about rot and routine repairs that wood fences often need. Vinyl also is easy to clean, will not fade and requires very little maintenance Our vinyl fences page will show you all of this and more to help you make your choice.  


Now that you can see more of the advantages and disadvantages when it comes to different kinds of fencing in St. Augustine, Florida and the surrounding area, it’s easy to understand what a difference it can make to your property depending on what you choose to install. While many fence types may work, the important thing is that you get what you want and are satisfied with the final product. 

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