Wood fencing sets the bar for style and strength for properties in St. Augustine, Florida. Wood is also one of the most versatile and affordable options when it comes to all the fencing options around. Since those features don’t automatically make it the best choice for you specifically, exploring the details about each part can help you make the best decision for your fence installation. 


We’ve taken the time to put it together for you here! Check out our list below for some useful information about wood fencing from the pros. 

St. Augustine, FL Climate & Cost of Wood Fences

Due to its naturally grown material, wood fencing is more susceptible to warping and rotting in comparison to some other fence types. Though, regardless of needing regular maintenance, wood fences still weather the harsh St. Augustine, Florida climate pretty well. Neighborhoods all across Florida are protected and look great with the addition of customized wood fences. 


Another factor for many St. Augustine homeowners when choosing a fence type is the total cost. Good news! Wood fencing is one of the most economical options when compared to other fence materials like vinyl or aluminum. It is clearly a great choice for many reasons in the St. Augustine area.


How Strong Are Wood Fences?

Every St. Augustine, Florida homeowner wants to choose a fence that is strong and will stand up to the weather and the test of time. Wood fences are very strong if a few major factors are present, like … 


  1. Properly Installed Wood Fence Posts
    Your St. Augustine, Florida fence is only as strong as the posts that are connected to them. That’s why it’s critical to hire a fencing contractor you trust to do a job well done and one who understands your needs. SWi Fence has the experience installing fence posts and setting them correctly all across properties in our region.
  2. Florida Wood Fencing Material that’s High Quality
    Quality matters. When it comes to the material your fence contractor uses to build your fence, the quality is another factor that determines the strength. Low budget fence companies complete their jobs with lower-quality wood, which creates a less dense, weaker product and will not be able to withstand the pressure of strong weather and will fail much faster than the rest. Working with a company that takes pride in their work and makes sure you’re getting a product that will last is worth any extra investment.
  3. Fence Hardware that’s Exterior-Grade
    Proper high-grade hardware is an important piece to secure fence pickets and rails for fencing projects in and around St. Augustine. When discount fence companies use cheaper hardware, they sacrifice the quality creating the probability of breakages and expensive repairs that could have been avoided. 


With these few basic rules, you should be able to tell if the wood fence you have installed will be strong enough to last through many years in the St. Augustine, Florida weather. The only way we can guarantee the job done up to par is if SWi Fence is the local fence contractor you hired. Then absolutely, we can positively say, you’ve got a quality fence headed your way.

Top Wood Fence Styles in St. Augustine, Florida

Wood fences in Florida have a beautiful look that can be tailored to anyone’s personal style and design. Among the various styles are the usual standards that are familiar to see all across the St. Augustine region depending on the purpose each homeowner has for their fence. 


Board on board wood fence
Board on Board Wood Fence

Board on Board Wood Fences

For St. Augustine, board on board wood fences are very popular since they create privacy, while adding beauty.  A board on board wood fence is constructed using an overlapping pattern of pickets so that each board is positioned along the rail, but every other picket is laid over the first layer of pickets. Once the wood dries, there will not be any gaps visible between the fence boards. It offers good structural durability with its 2×4 framing and dog ear board on board. Speak to one of our fence experts for information on local property line codes and pool codes to be sure you’re satisfying the correct specifications before choosing which fence is best for your needs.


st and Rail Wood Fences
Post and Rail Wood Fences

Post and Rail Wood Fences

One inexpensive solution to create a clear border at your St. Augustine property is to install post and rail wood fencing. Traditionally used for livestock, they utilize the natural strength and look of wood while keeping an open visibility for many properties in Florida. 


Shadowbox Wood Fences
Shadowbox Wood Fences

Shadowbox Wood Fences

Shadowbox wood fencing creates a finished appearance for a privacy fence that looks great on both the inside of the yard and the outside. A personal favorite of ours, shadowbox fencing is an attractive, standard wood fence option for many St. Augustine, Florida properties.


Traditional Privacy (Stockade) Wood Fences
Traditional Privacy (Stockade) Wood Fences

Traditional Privacy Wood Fences

When your main interest is privacy and you want to stick with the most traditional look, this style of privacy wood fence, sometimes called stockade fence, creates a protective, closed barrier around the border of your St. Augustine, Florida property. While the exterior of these fences has a finished, more decorative look, the interior of the yard has visible horizontal rails that are holding it together. Turn down any street in St. Augustine, and you’re likely to find this style fence.


Find More Information About Wood Fences in St. Augustine, Florida 

Our webpage on wood fencing has more information for you. See what we’re talking about by going here to our wood fence page for details and even photos of wood fences we have installed in St. Augustine, Florida and the surrounding area.

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