After reaching the monumental goal of home ownership, the next step for many people is improving things in their homes, like upgrading the kitchen, adding attractive landscaping, and even improving their curb appeal by adding a fence. Installing a custom privacy fence is one of the most beneficial home improvements new homeowners can make, so we have compiled a list showing all the advantages a St. Augustine privacy fence can provide.

  • Privacy Fences Keep Your Children and Pets Safe

Safety tops the list of priorities for pet owners and families with young children. A strong privacy fence provides a boundary when your kids are playing in your backyard, keeping them safely in your yard and unwanted visitors from entering.  A St. Augustine privacy fence also provides an enclosed border so your pet can freely roam without wandering into the street or getting lost. There’s nothing like peace of mind when it comes to your family’s well-being and a privacy fence provides exactly that. 

  • Weather Protection with a Privacy Fence

A privacy fence offers shelter from the elements more than any other type of fencing. Whether it’s vinyl or wood, a solid privacy fence acts as a windbreaker and curbs the effects of strong winds and storms. Whatever is inside your yard is shielded from the elements. Depending on the position of the fence, it may also offer shade and some much-needed protection from the sun. 

  • Mark Property Boundaries with Privacy Fencing

Many neighborhoods have homes that are close to each other. Clear boundaries are established with a fence, showing exactly where your property begins and ends. This keeps trespassers off your land, prevents neighbors from intruding into your space, and gives a clear visual reference of how much space you have. Knowing the exact size of your property can be helpful when considering renovations or additions to your home. 

  • Comfortable, Personal Space with a St. Augustine Privacy Fence

Your home should be your haven from the outside world, a peaceful space where you can relax and recharge. Your yard is no exception. Installing a privacy fence from a trusted St. Augustine fence company is a great way to provide a safe, cozy space on your property. 

Even if your neighbors are your favorite people in the entire world, there are probably still times you would like to have some privacy and be able to relax in your yard without interacting with other people. A privacy fence provides a border that offers an enclosed space so that you can enjoy time with your family. 

If this sounds appealing to you, SWi Florida offers many styles that will turn your yard into your own private sanctuary. Our privacy fence panels glide tightly into place with no gaps, so they are exceptionally strong and durable. Available in many colors and designs, we are sure to have something that will turn your dream home into a reality. 

  • Noise Barriers Created by Privacy Fences 

While it’s impossible to remove every loud noise disturbance, a privacy fence can minimize the disruption caused by living near a busy road, park, or other public space, and can also keep your property more secure and safe from the increased foot traffic public gathering spaces can produce. This can be nice when you are trying to relax in your backyard. On the flip side, a privacy fence also helps to keep your backyard parties from disturbing your neighbors. Being a considerate neighbor benefits everyone, and a solid privacy fence makes it a bit easier. 

  • Add Value to Your Home with a St. Augustine Privacy Fence 

There are several ways a privacy fence can possibly increase your property value. One of the top benefits is that an attractive, well-built privacy fence adds aesthetic appeal to your home, making it more attractive to buyers if you ever need to sell. Potential homebuyers who have children or pets are likely to appreciate the value a border fence creates. 


St. Augustine privacy fences potentially add value by decreasing the amount of your homeowner’s insurance premium. The extra safety that a privacy fence provides may also decrease your insurance cost quite significantly. Check your insurance company’s policies before installing your fence to see exactly what they provide. 

  • Variety of Privacy Fences for Florida Property Owners

Premium vinyl, chain-link, and wood fences are all good options for privacy fences, and being able to customize your privacy fence is definitely a benefit!  SWi Florida offers several materials, styles, and additional design elements to provide a custom fence that you are sure to love. 


  • Vinyl fencing comes in several sizes and colors, giving you several options for personalization. It is low maintenance, durable, attractive, and strong making it one of the most popular options for our customers.
  • Chain-link fences are also available with privacy slats in several colors which offer a semi-private finish. While not as private as a solid fence, it is a nice option for those who want some privacy, but still, need airflow and sunlight to get through. 
  • Wood fences are natural and classic, giving a beautiful design that blends nicely with landscaping. 


Check out our privacy fence gallery of finished projects, where you can find ideas and inspiration for your backyard projects. 

Secure Privacy Fences for Florida Property Owners

SWi Florida offers the best privacy fences for both residential and commercial properties in the St. Augustine area. Offering the highest level of security and privacy, it provides a definite border that will not be crossed. While no fence offers complete safety from determined trespassers, a strong privacy fence will deter many, simply due to the difficulty of getting in and out of your property quickly. For even more safety, cameras and barbed wire can be added to your fence. 

Get the Benefits of a Privacy Fence with a professional St. Augustine Fence Company!

SWi Florida offers many styles and designs of privacy fences for you to choose from. No matter which type of fence you choose, we guarantee premium products and expert installation. Call us today at (904) 502-4361 or contact us online and let our experienced staff guide you through the process. We look forward to working with you!